FizzBuzz in Python

  1. Create your empty list.
  2. Use the range function and combine it with a for loop.
  3. Create conditional logic that states if the number is divisible by 3, 5 or 15, push “Fizz”, “Buzz” or “FizzBuzz” into the list. Else if the current iteration is not divisible by any of the numbers listed, push the number into the list.
  4. Return the list.
list = []for num in range(1,100):

if num % 3 == 0 and num % 5 == 0:
elif num % 3 == 0:
elif num % 5 == 0:

Flatiron student, word nerd and otter enthusiast

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Crystal Villanueva

Crystal Villanueva

Flatiron student, word nerd and otter enthusiast

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