Figma is your best friend

picture of my outdated, dumb looking portfolio. It is dumb because I squished too many cool CSS elements into this website without thinking about how I could deliver a crazy cool experience WHILE implementing CSS.
  • The top navbar is for cursor events (orange). If you want to create a new desktop sized board/create a frame, a new shape, drop an image, create a text or make a comment, always report to the navbar!
  • The column on the left (blue) keeps track of all your shapes, layers and groupings. Each item that is on a frame it keeps track of!
  • The column on the right (yellow) allows for element manipulation. First you go to the navbar and create a square, the square item is logged in the column on the left and the column on the right lets you create rounded edges, a layered blur effect, change the color, etc.

Mood Board

I created this mood board and found pictures that matched my colors!
all the photos I’ve come to love on Unsplash!



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