This algorithm is to determine if a string has all unique characters. The idea is to make a hash as a frequency counter that takes into account how times a letter occurs.

Loop through the hash using the Object Keys using the map function. Next, use logic that states, “if the value is equal to 1, set a variable equal to true and return it, else set a variable equal to false and return it.

Here is my solution!

const inUnique = (string) => {  
let ds = {};
let result = string.split("");
for (let ele of result) {
ds[ele] = (ds[ele] || 0) + 1;
} let ans; Object.values(ds).forEach((x) => {
if (x === 1) {
ans = true;
} else {
ans = false;
return ans; }; inUnique("gilbert");

Happy Hacking!


I think this is a great Leetcode problem to get you introduced to linked lists. Linked lists can be so confusing and it sometimes can be overwhelming to understand. This problem will pose as an introduction to understanding linked lists, how to access a node, and continue the linked lists.

“Given head which is a reference node to a singly-linked list. The value of each node in the linked list is either 0 or 1. The linked list holds the binary representation of a number.

Return the decimal value of the number in the linked list.”

Steps to solve this…

Job hunting is exhausting. The never ending process of mass applying, writing memorable cover letters, tailoring your resume, networking, detailing your online presence, etc.

It’s a lot. It can be draining.

The job hunt is not easy. Heck, I’m writing this and am currently on the job hunt. However, this article is to demonstrate how argumentation is prominent in writing and in the job search itself: writing resumes and cover letters, orally persuading your audience of your credibility in behavioral interviews, providing empirical evidence that you can do the job in technical interviews, etc. …

This week I was making my portfolio. I wanted to understand how to make my projects display in a polaroid card layout.

polaroid card layout with hover toggle

Polaroid Effect

<div className="projectLayout">          
{ => (
<div className="item" onClick={() => handleModal(x)}>
<img src={x.image} alt={}/>}

In your Js or JSX file, give your div a classname. I gave mine a classname of “item”. The ‘’ piece comes from another file that is an array of my projects. The classname of “projectLayout” is also important. Make sure your parent div is given a classname as well.

const projects = [  {    name: "Potential (frontend)"…

Linked Lists are pretty important to understand! You can think of them like carabiners that latch onto each other, or a skyscraper that has no elevators and you have to go through EACH floor to reach the desired floor you’re looking for.

First of all, that’s a lot of stairs. Secondly, this emphasizes the case that linked lists are an important data structure to understand. They’re more efficient memory wise than arrays since with arrays you have to declare a set size. …

Hello Reader! This article goes into React-Spring and AOS.

  1. React-Spring

React-Spring is a wonderful library that is creates physics based animations to create wonderful UI animations for all your applications needs. This library also supports react-native and react-native-web.

2. AOS (Animate on Scroll Library)

AOS is a super easy implementation of on-scroll animations for your react apps’ needs. The documentation is so easy to follow and here is a youtube video for further explanation.

3. React Transition Group

This is a super easy to implement animation library for beginners. There are four components: Transition, CSSTransition, SwitchTransition and TransitionGroup. …

Space, Time and Optimization oh my! Look no further, this article will debunk and go through why Big O is so important to understand in programming. This blog focuses on an introductory understanding of Big O notation through Binary Search and Linear Search.

When it comes to Big O Notation, two concepts are important to understand in programming: Time and Space.

The time is takes to run an algorithm and the space/memory the algorithm takes up. The less time it takes to run the algorithm, and the less memory it takes up, the more optimal the algorithm is. …

When we talk about trees, this time, we’re talking about binary trees. Binary trees are data structures that retain relationships to nodes. In programming, we use Breadth-first Search to allow us to search for values via the shortest path to a node’s value. There are many different types of binary trees, but a binary tree is a data structure where each node has up to two children.

This is a binary tree. It has no order because of the leaf (last node) with the value of 12 as a child of the node with the value of 4.

This algorithm is a popular technical interview question interviewers give. I had it myself! Without further ado, lets get into it. I’ll solve this question via the optimized solution using a hash table data structure. If you want to see the solution to the problem, it is at the bottom of this article. Otherwise, here are the steps to solving it and why:


Given a non-empty array of integers nums, every element appears twice except for one. Find that single one.

You must implement a solution with a linear runtime complexity and use only constant extra space.



Hi everyone! Today’s blog will cover python and SQL. Now, if you don’t know what python or sql is, that’s okay, we’ll cover it. Let’s get into it!

RDBMS, also known as relational database management software, aka SQL, gives python structure to adequately store information into a table. Python can build schemas through SQL and create the shape for the application.

SQL stands for sorting query language. We can use certain keywords such as ‘SELECT’, ‘ORDER BY’, ‘WHERE’, etc. for the database to find, query and return a result for the user to see.

Python, is a scripting language that‘s…

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