Hi Everyone~

I hope all is well and you’re staying warm as it’s getting colder. Today I’ll be writing about FizzBuzz in Python!

If you don’t know what FizzBuzz is, it’s a pretty popular and very easy algorithm interviewers can ask you. Additionally, it’s a good warm up algorithm.


Hello Reader!

Months ago, I created my portfolio using React, CSS, HTML, and AWS.

I thought the design was brilliant, and I loved it at the time. However, I’ve come to outgrow it and I’m not entirely happy with it.

picture of my outdated, dumb looking portfolio. It is dumb because I squished too many cool CSS elements into this website without thinking about how I could deliver a crazy cool experience WHILE implementing CSS.

I didn’t know anything/really think about the user experience and…


If you’re working with a form in javascript or react, and want to understand the “POST” fetch with the onSubmit, keep reading!

This weekend I was creating authentication for the user and a user could also create a post.

I have a couple fetches to juggle, but here is…

Right now in the job hunt, I feel like I’m “always the bridesmaid never the bride”, so to speak.

As of right now, I’ve interviewed at almost 30 companies since my job search start date back in May. This means, to the non-technical reader, that I’ve had behavioral, technical, and…

Let me tell you about one of the most efficient algorithms to sort an array of items — it’s called QuickSort (Obvi).

It’s shorter than Merge Sort in terms of writing the code (less code is best code, right?). Whereas Merge Sort takes needs a helper function to compare each…

This is a pretty popular question technical interview. It’s not only in Cracking the Coding Interview, but in numerous other technical interview resources: Leetcode, Code Wars, etc.

Here is the question:

“ The deletion distance of two strings is the minimum number of characters you need to delete in the…

Merge sort is one efficient algorithm! It’s so efficient, it’s Big O is O(n log N).

In the first way to do merge sort, I will show you through three while loops and two functions total.

const mergeSort = (arr) => {    let first;    let second;    if (arr.length …

This algorithm is to determine if a string has all unique characters. The idea is to make a hash as a frequency counter that takes into account how times a letter occurs.

Loop through the hash using the Object Keys using the map function. Next, use logic that states, “if the value is equal to 1, set a variable equal to true and return it, else set a variable equal to false and return it.

Here is my solution!

const inUnique = (string) => {  
let ds = {};
let result = string.split("");
for (let ele of result) {
ds[ele] = (ds[ele] || 0) + 1;
} let ans; Object.values(ds).forEach((x) => {
if (x === 1) {
ans = true;
} else {
ans = false;
return ans; }; inUnique("gilbert");

Happy Hacking!


Noelani Villanueva

Flatiron student, word nerd and otter enthusiast

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